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Auragraphs are symbolic representations of your aura, which tell the story of your life in pictorial form. Your auragraph is unique to you and reflects upon important aspects of your past, present and possible futures. From this it’s clear to see the root cause of current issues, why you attract certain energies to you and karmic lessons that need to be balanced.


Whilst creating an auragraph I tap into what many people call the source, the collective unconscious, or the Akashic records, so I often draw impressions from past life’s which are relevant to now. My auragraphs also feature the tree of life, which is a map of your consciousness, it reflects your DNA coding giving insight and guidance into your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well begin.  


Your Auragraph comes with a set of personalized affirmations, which can be posted world wide along with the original artwork. If you would like your own auragraph, or want more info on the subject, please email me.


I create many other types of spiritual art including:


Soul Portraits

Past Life Portrait

Past Life Storyboard

Physical & emotional health analysis

Manifestation Vision Board






The Picture Technique is a recent application of conventional EFT. It combines the power of EFT with the power of imagination and artistic metaphor to release problems in a painless and indirect way. PTT does not replace EFT. It does nothing that EFT cannot do on its own. However in certain situations it is less traumatic for the client and sometimes faster resolution can be achieved particularly when the issues are global in nature or when the client is reluctant to talk about their issues directly.


The pictures may sometimes appear very simple and childlike on a superficial level but the input from the subconscious mind in the form of artistic metaphor and pictorial symbols can be profound. Multiple aspects and levels of a problem (even taboo and deeply hidden ones) may be expressed simultaneously and far more easily than with other modalities. The pictures produced, particularly as the problems moves towards resolution can be very profound and are often very memorable.


Properly done, PTT appears to balance disturbances in the meridian system and thus often reduces the conventional art psychotherapy procedures from months or years down to minutes or hours. The Picture Tapping Technique is useful in many areas where the issue is non-specific or “global” in nature.


• Low Self Esteem

• Depression or generalized anxiety

•“My family situation”

•“My mother”

•“My money worries”

•“My blocks to success”

•“All the events that are behind this problem”

•“My resistance to letting go of the problem”

•“The karma from my past lives”

•“Writers block”

•“something terrible is going to happen”

•“I’m not good enough”

•“My immune system”

• Chakra Clearing

•“My resistance to using PTT”





PTT (Picture Tapping Technigue)